Dairy Products


Hydeaway Farm’s dairy products are made exclusively from Jersey milk. While Jerseys do not produce as great a volume of milk as most other breeds, their milk is extremely rich. They have a very high butterfat and protein content, which means that their milk lends itself well to the production of cheese and yoghurt. Used in its original form, Jersey milk is suitably high in fat for those on the Banting diet.


Our old-fashioned processes use minimal additives and maximum care, with no emulsifiers, artificial flavourants, colourants, artificial preservatives or stabilisers added to our milk products. These products are not mass-produced or emotionally sterile and have been made with passion and attention.

Available products:

  • Fresh Milk – 100% Jersey milk, not homogenised and natural
  • Boerenkaas – a sharper, drier speciality cheese
  • Plain Gouda – a moist, mild, traditionally waxed sweet milk
  • Mustard Gouda – mildly flavoured using whole mustard seeds
  • Cumin Gouda – flavoured purely with whole cumin seeds
  • ChilliPepper Gouda – a spicy cheese made with black pepper and red chilli
  • Greek Feta – a crumbly, salty cheese with a sharp taste
  • Fromage Frais – a soft cheese, lovely for dips and spreads
  • Chilli Fromage – flavoured with chilli, ginger and garlic
  • Biltong Fromage – a South African classic
  • Plain Yoghurt – no stabiliser, flavourants or sweeteners
  • Honey Yoghurt – natural yoghurt flavoured with raw, local honey

Every cheese is handmade by the Hyde family.

All of our products are full cream.

Don’t see the product you want on this list or would like more information? Feel free to leave a comment with your email address and we will get back to you via email.

14 thoughts on “Dairy Products

  1. Het van julle Yogard en feta gekoop by goeiehoek mark dit is baie lekker sal graag nog wil koop Jeanette Gibbon

  2. This is awesome news! I have recently become inspired by the Zero Waste movement, and am looking for places to buy local, fresh produce in my own reusable jars/bottles to reduce our waste. Is this possible from your farm or through one of your suppliers?

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