Welcome to Hydeaway Farm

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This small, family-run farm is situated in the idyllic South African Highveld near Heidelberg, Gauteng. We have a passion for animals, people, and the land. Our family of four works together to produce the best quality service and products with a smile.

On 1 April 2000, the Hyde parents and their one cow, one calf, one bull, one donkey, and assorted dogs, poultry and children came home to stay on this 230ha slice of heaven. Since then the Jersey herd has grown and been refined to a select herd of around 20 high-quality registered animals with genetics out of the very top drawer (see Joyful Jerseys). Their milk is processed and packaged right here on the farm in a variety of forms (see Dairy Products).

In 2009, we also opened a heifer-raising business and currently care for about 250 heifers owned by another dairy farmer.


We believe that health lies close to nature, for people and for animals. This is why we keep our cows and ourselves close to the land and sky. The Jerseys are not kept in housing and live outside where they can graze, with their grass diet supplemented with concentrate and hay when necessary. In their natural herd, they are free to express normal bovine behaviour and can be both happy and healthy. Happy cows also produce healthier milk, which means a better quality product for our valued customers.

All our products are handmade with care, using traditional methods that minimise carbon footprint and environmental impact.

Family-run, home-grown, and cow-friendly. The way it should be.


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